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New Year, New You,


Why Millions Love the Challenge

2019 is now here so what’s your resolution for the new year? Is it to lose weight? Gain muscle mass? Run a 10K? Become more active? Eat healthier? Whatever it is, we got you. The NUMBER ONE Challenge platform in the world is going to help you accomplish your goals with a special program that has already helped millions.

With over 3 million transformations worldwide, the Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge (“The Challenge”) continues to change lives—90 days at a time. It’s a complete and healthy lifestyle program that provides you with the right nutrition, guidance and social support to help you achieve your weight-loss, health, or fitness Challenge goal—all while having fun and winning huge prizes!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

Everybody Wins!

Free Vi Photobook for Every Participant
  • A photobook of your personal transformation journey

    Share your story by posting regularly on Instagram and we’ll deliver you a customized, printed photobook that documents your entire journey

    Your posts can be anything that help tell your story in pictures, so it could be you on a run, in the gym, training in a field, drinking healthy Vi Shakes, meal-prepping, stretching, measuring your progress, etc. You can include anything that is a part of your Challenge.

    • Initial post should be you declaring your goal
    • Subsequent posts should give updates on your progress
    • Multiple images in a single post are acceptable; each image will count as one in your photobook

    Photobook will contain 30 to 60 of the images you post on your Instagram account with the #My2019Challenge hashtag

  • Participants are eligible to be a Challenge Monthly Finalist

For more details, see Promo Rules below.

Best Challenge Transformations
Can Go On To Win…

Every #My2019Challenge participant can qualify for a chance to win tons of prizes, valued at over $13,000. These can include tropical dream vacations, points towards products and merchandise, promotional features in brand marketing materials, and much more!

Challenge Monthly Finalist Prizes:
  • $900 value in Vi Products
    • 300 Vi Points monthly for 3 months that can be redeemed for Vi Products
  • Eligibility to be an Annual Challenge Champion
Annual Challenge Champion Prizes:  
  • Prize package valued at over $13,000
    • Tropical Dream Vacation ($5,000 value)
    • 12 months’ worth of FREE product ($3,600 value)
    • Personal branding package ($5,000 value)
    • Exclusive promotional features in brand marketing materials
Enter to Win

For more details, see Promo Rules below.

#My2019Challenge: How It Works

Step 1: ACCEPT the Challenge

  • Set a Goal

  • Start a new Challenge between January 1 – March 31, 2019

    • Open to all new and existing customers and promoters in all Vi markets world-wide
  • Minimum $50 monthly delivery order for 3 consecutive months (excluding tax and shipping)

Step 2: SHARE your journey

  • Connect your Instagram account (must be set to public) with your Vi-Net account

  • Post your goal on your Instagram account using #My2019Challenge

    • First post must be in the month of January declaring your goal
  • Post a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 60 images on Instagram using #My2019Challenge on every post by July 2, 2019 to receive Vi Photobook

    • Initial post should be you declaring your goal
    • Subsequent posts should give updates on your 90-Day journey
    • Slideshows in a single post are acceptable

Step 3: ENTER to Win

  • Once you’ve completed your Challenge, submit your before and after photos and story at enter.vi.com

  • Must enter by July 2, 2019

For more details, see Promo Rules below.

Enter to Win


My 2019 Challenge Promotion Rules:
  • All promotional entries must enter to win by 7/2/19.
  • Your Instagram account must be public and linked to your Vi-Net account. If not linked yet:
    • Log into Vi-Net
    • Link your Instagram account
    • Share your photos
  • Use #My2019Challenge on all photos posted to your Instagram account.
  • All qualified participants will win a photobook with the completion of the 90-Day Challenge.
    • You must post a minimum of 30 photos with #My2019Challenge to receive a photobook
    • You can post up to 60 photos in all
  • Important! Failure to comply with the above rules may make your #My2019Challenge entry invalid, resulting in your entry being removed. All valid entries must be received no later than 7/2/19.
Challenge Contest Rules:
  • To be eligible for the Challenge Contest, your Challenge goal must be weight-loss or fitness-related.
  • Enter to win at enter.vi.com.
  • Complete a Challenge of at least 90 days for a minimum of 3 consecutive months with Vi products on Monthly Delivery.
    • Minimum order of $50 per month (excluding tax and shipping)
  • Complete the online Entry Form in full.
  • Photos and measurements must reflect your 90-day Challenge journey.
  • Photos must be original, full body photos. Do not include: another person, crop, filter, add text, stretch, or alter in any way.
  • If you have completed multiple Challenges, include your overall results in your transformation story.