Top Producers Program

We’re excited to announce that we are bringing back the Top Producers Program! For all our newbies, this program was designed to publicly recognize the Top Producers at Vi as both individuals and as a team per month and per cycle!
The Top 10 Producers in each category will be rewarded with VIP access to the next Vitality in April 2019, which includes priority seating and onstage recognition at the event.

How to Earn Points in Personal and Team Categories

  • Within the Personal Category, there are 3 Point Types: New Customers, New EPS and PBV
  • Within the Team Category, there are 2 Point Types: New Customers and New EPS
  • Within the Team Category, Promoters compete in Team Competitor Categories, based on their high rank at the start of that Cycle. Promoters reaching ND+ high rank for the first time during the cycle compete in the ND Team Competitor Category.
There are 5 Team Competitor Categories:
  1. ND (Minimum Paid Rank RD)
  2. ED (Minimum Paid Rank ND)
  3. PD (Minimum Paid Rank ED)
  4. Ambassador – 2-Star Ambassador (Minimum Paid Rank PD)
  5. 3-Star Ambassador & Above (Minimum Paid Rank AMB)
The result is 13 unique categories per month: 10 Team Categories (5 rank categories of both New Customer and New EPS), and 3 Personal Production Categories. For complete program rules, click here.

Founders’ Club Retreat

In addition to earning points for VIP access to Vitality, the Top 10 Personal and Team Monthly Producers will also earn points that can be redeemed towards the Founders’ Club Retreat, which is an exclusive, fun, luxurious getaway that epitomizes what the Vi-Life is all about. The Top 20 Personal Producers will win an invitation to this retreat, accommodations and more!

Prizes for Top 20 (per cycle)

  • #1-10: Founders’ Club Retreat Invite, Full Access to Experience, Free Accommodations, and $500 Flight Voucher
  • #11-20: Founders’ Club Retreat Invite, Full Access to Experience, and Free Accommodations

How to earn Points Toward Founders’ Club Retreat

Earn points towards the Founders’ Club Retreat by scoring in the Top 10 in any given month based on the scale below:
  1. 20
  2. 15
  3. 10
  4. 8
  5. 6
  6. 5
  7. 4
  8. 3
  9. 2
  10. 1
Ties are each awarded the full points available for the corresponding tied spot in the standings.
The lucky winners will be able to adventure in a tropical paradise while also hanging out with the Founders of Vi. Rub elbows and get personal time with these uber successful entrepreneurs who built a billion-dollar business. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
We also set up a Top Producer Leader Board, so you can track you and your team’s ranking in real time at any given moment for Vitality and the Founders’ Club! We know you’re always pushing hard to be the best, so now we want to give you additional rewards for doing what you do!