I wanted to share the story of how Danielle Cetani became one of our first Rockstar Challengers. It’s a story of how by just following the model, a brand-new Body by Vi Promoter could help others, qualify for a BMW in 55 days and go beyond.

The Story

Danielle had approached me during an RST event in Sacramento. “I want to tell you my story,” she said. Her husband had just lost his job, and she had opened herself to new opportunities, new adventures… and started promoting The Challenge in January.

“Did you challenge a lot of people?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she said. “I challenged a lot of people.”

“Yes, but were you a Rockstar Promoter?”

The beaming pride on her face said it all. “Oh yeah….I’m a Rockstar. I challenged 250 people.”

“Wow,” I said. “Over-achiever… Great job. Welcome to the team. Congrats on being a Rockstar.”

And then I just had to ask:

“Well Danielle, with all those Challenges you collected, did any of them join The Challenge?”

“Yeah,” she answered. “A whole bunch.”

“How many signed up?”

She knew immediately. “Seventy.”

“I mean, how many did you personally enroll on The Challenge?”


“You have SEVENTY personal Customers?”

She answered, “Yeah…uh, is that good?”

It was better than good. With no prior network marketing experience, Danielle had already personally enrolled 70 new Customers – in less than three months – just by challenging others. This included her husband, David, who won $1,000 for losing weight on The Challenge, and who qualified for his BMW in 38 days.

At our NST event in March, I shared Danielle’s story on stage and asked her for the update. “A hundred Customers,” she told me.

The Follow-Up

I recently ran into Danielle at an event in Northern California and learned what she’s been up to. Like a true Rockstar, she’s helped many others become Rockstars. I’m proud to tell you that she’s now one of our newest National Directors.

“At first I was shy to share the business side with people,” she says. “I had never done anything like this before, so for a while I just shared The Challenge—and how it helped people lose weight or build muscle. Then I realized I was being selfish for not sharing the business opportunity. For my family, it’s been a world-changer. This company taught me how to dream.”

The number of their Customers is in the hundreds now, and Danielle and David have built their team in Rockstar-like ways. They recently took a family trip with their two daughters to Disneyland. “We went there…because we could,” she said.

Good stories always have chapters, and Danielle’s latest chapter includes a section about her family’s physical transformations. Danielle lost 35 lbs (size 18 to size 8), David lost 45 lbs (size 44 to size 36), her dad is down 25 lbs, her mom is down 15 lbs. and her sister lost 25 lbs.

To be Continued…

Stories like Danielle’s are continually being created around the world because of The Challenge—and the Rockstars who promote it. It’s these stories that inspire me personally to do what I do each and every day.

When I hear how Danielle is working hard to become a Vi Ambassador by Vitality, and that she overcame her fear of succeeding and is currently facing her fear of failing, I know her (and David’s) story will continue to be one of courage, perseverance and… success.

So, what’s your story?

–  Blake