After three years of Body by Vi Challenges and having undergone complete transformations, Vi Ambassadors Sylvain Beauchamp and Gabrielle Vallieres of the French market, Quebec, Canada, will compete for the Active/Fitness Couple Challenge Champion title leading up to Vitality 2015. The journey has been rewarding all along. The two have dropped weight, built muscle and have grown personally, professionally and financially.

Golden Years

“We are over age 50 and are in great shape with sharply focused mindsets,” says Sylvain. “We want to show people that anyone can undergo a transformation at any age.”

Sylvain is an actor, trainer and strong man who’s set world records in his sport. He gained 112 lbs. for his last film role. As the film wrapped, Sylvain was anxious to shed the excess weight. He encountered many obstacles in regaining his former physique due to being overweight and out of shape at 370 lbs.

“A friend introduced me to The Challenge and I started out on the Transformation Kit,” says Sylvain. “I lost 153 lbs. over multiple challenges, gained energy and later built over 40 lbs. of lean muscle. Vi has completely changed my life.”

Starting a New ChapterSylvain Beauchamp Vi Ambassador

Sylvain and Gabrielle soon decided to become Promoters. Gabrielle was a manager at a major fitness center and also served as a personal trainer. She was part of production for Sylvain’s film and discovered that working from home brought many work-life balance benefits. By the time the film was done she’d not only taken up The Challenge, but had decided to promote Vi products as well.

Gabrielle dropped 10 lbs. and quickly built 10 lbs. of lean muscle. Within just 19 days she hit Regional Director and qualified for her BMW. By day 150, the couple had together become shareholders, hit Ambassador and cashed in on two bonuses along the way.

A Family Affair

“Being on The Challenge and promoting this model with its varied nutritional products has helped solidify our relationship as a couple—and we have impacted friends and family,” says Gabrielle.

The two have extended their reach to Challenge Groups, where they host weekly cardio and muscle building workouts.

“Our mission is to help others grow across Life, Health and Prosperity,” says the couple. “The future looks bright.”