Four friends—Marlo Payne, Sara Fitzpatrick, Shannon Barnes and Shelley Tuntland—from Chicago overcame personal obstacles using The Challenge platform and took home the Team Challenge Champion title, $5,000 cash and a personal branding prize package. Their goal? To inspire others to make lifestyle changes and take control of overall health.

Let’s Get Physical

“There’s a difference between existing and living and I know all of us are really living now,” says Marlo Payne, who suffered from serious health issues prior to joining The Challenge and regaining a balanced lifestyle.

By combining a healthy diet including Vi products with a regular fitness program, Marlo, was soon able to tackle increasingly difficult Challenges.

“I can’t live with out the Transformation Kit and Vi-pak,” says Marlo, adding, “The [Transformation] Kit is so essential for maximizing results. Vi-Trim and Vi-Slim help curb cravings and support my metabolism, and ViSalus NEURO is my go-to whenever I need a refreshing energy and brain boost.”

Exercise is also a major part of the equation for Marlo, who lost 26 lbs. and built eight pounds of lean muscle prior to becoming a Challenge Champion.

“I started weight training and running,” says Marlo, adding, “But the best thing I can recommend to anyone starting out on The Challenge is to just get active—that can range from Challenge Groups to classes at your local YMCA.”

Keeping Fitness Fun

Sara is as active as they come, hosting Challenge Groups that incorporate walking, running, baseball and even games and races. Once she started shedding the pounds, Sara became more mobile and her energy increased.

“I mix things up and keep fitness fun,” says Sara. “I really enjoy weight training and resistance exercises—I even completed a 5K.”

Sara lost 38 lbs. and built seven pounds of muscle over multiple Challenges and continues to lose and build.

“The Challenge has truly transformed my life,” says Sara. “Before Vi I was depressed and overweight. I’d lost confidence and had given up on myself. But my kids became the ‘Why’ that encouraged me to be an example.”

Stepping out of her comfort zone was an essential first step.

“I joined The Challenge with the women who would become my best girlfriends and biggest advocates,” says Sara. “Soon I became active, regained my confidence and started attracting more great friends into my life. Everything changed. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be part of such an influential company and become one of the faces of The Challenge.”

Team Challenge Champions

Community Connections

Shannon too never believed she’d be a part of something so much bigger than herself.

“What’s so great about The Challenge is that it connects you to an entire community—the Vi Community—which is full of people who have walked the same path, done the work and lost the weight.”

Down 32 lbs. and up five pounds of lean muscle, Shannon makes time for regular walking through Challenge Groups and uses workout videos and hand weights to chip away at daily movement.

“What a difference a year makes. In that time we each made a transformation,” says Shannon. “Today my son and I make healthier food choices and enjoy being active as much as possible. The Challenge and the Challenge Champion title have completely changed my life—for the better.”

The Challenge is a Lifestyle

Shelley also made dramatic strides. Before The Challenge she’d tried every diet and fitness program on the market. Nothing stuck.

“The Challenge is different from any other program I’ve tried in order to get a handle on my weight,” says Shelley. “And that’s because it’s not a program—it’s a lifestyle.”

Not only did Shelley drop 13 lbs. and build five pounds of muscle, she established lifelong healthy habits. Some of her favorite Vi products include Vi Crunch and ViSalus NEURO. Shelley incorporates dance and weight training into her fitness routine.

“For a year we held one another accountable and really pounded the pavement in terms of eating right and getting in plenty of exercise,” says Shelley, adding, “I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my own personal goals without the support of these women who have truly become my best friends. The Challenge will be with me for the rest of my life.”