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3 For FREE


Have a personal paid Monthly Delivery order.


Have at least 3 Customers with paid Monthly Delivery orders.


Now earn up to 500 Vi Points! Earn Vi Points equivalent to 1/3 of your total Customer Monthly Delivery order volume, up to the amount of your personal paid Monthly Delivery order.

We’ve found that people naturally love sharing their Body by Vi weight-loss stories with friends and family. So, we’ve created an incentive program that rewards you for inspiring others to get healthy. It’s called 3 For FREE.

Better Support. More Fun. And it’s FREE.

Here’s 3 reasons why our 3 For FREE program is key to your success:

  • Social Support à Studies have shown that if you start a weight-loss or fitness program with at least 3 people you already know, your odds for success nearly TRIPLE when you check back in 10 months later.
  • Fun Factor à Let’s get real: If you’re going to take a Challenge, isn’t it more enjoyable to do with friends? Weight-loss and fitness should be fun like that.
  • FREE Products à Why pay for something when you can get it for free? Everything is always better when it’s free, although the amazing way you’ll feel about your transformation will be … priceless 😉

How to Get Your Challenge Kit for FREE … Every. Single. Month.

With Body by Vi, you can always Refer 3, and Get Your Next Month FREE! Simply enroll at least 3 Personal Customers, each with a paid Monthly Delivery order, and you can earn FREE Vi Points up to the amount of your personal paid Monthly Delivery order. Earn up to 500 Vi Points per month!

Vi Points earned through the 3 For FREE program can be used toward exclusive ViP Rewards, getting your next order for free, buying additional Vi products and samples, or simply as a discount on your existing Monthly Delivery order.

Earn Maximum Points:

  • Is QV of your 3+ Customers’ MD Orders at least 3x the QV of your MD Order?
  • Earn Vi Points up to the amount you paid for your MD Order.
    • *Maximum 500 Vi Points

Earn Partial Points:

  • Is QV of your 3+ Customers’ MD Orders less than 3x the QV of your MD Order?
  • Earn Vi Points equal to the percentage you achieved of your 3x QV target, applied to the amount you paid for your MD Order.


  • Your order: 300 QV / $255 paid
  • Your 3 Customers’ total 450 QV
    • That is 50% of the 900 QV target you need for maximum discount
  • You get 127.5 Vi Points
    • That is 50% of the $255 you paid


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3 For FREE Program Policies

  • You must have a personal paid Monthly Delivery order to earn your Vi Points through the 3 For FREE program each month. A paid Monthly Delivery order is an order that is placed as a recurring order, regardless of the items purchased and what is placed on Monthly Delivery.
  • One-time orders that are placed do not count toward the 3 for FREE program, even if an existing Monthly Delivery order is on file.
  • Paid Monthly Delivery orders that are generated and processed in the same production month count toward the program.
  • If an order was placed as a Monthly Delivery but the Monthly Delivery on file was cancelled at the end of the month, the paid order counts.
  • You must have at least 3 personally enrolled Customers who purchase in a month for the opportunity to earn Vi Points that can be used the next month.
  • If you are a Customer, qualification for your Vi Points earned is based on the volume of your personally enrolled Customer purchases. Customers referred by other Customers do NOT count toward your Points.
  • If you are a Promoter, Customers referred by other Customers DO count toward your Vi Points, provided that Customer’s order is not already triggering Points elsewhere. Whether the order triggers your Vi Points or Points for one of your Customers, a Customer referred by a Customer can only count towards one person’s Points.
  • When a Customer upgrades to become a Promoter, their Customers (as well as their Customers’ Customers) will follow them and count toward that Promoter’s free Points qualification.
  • Vi Points earned through the 3 for Free program can be applied to exclusive ViP Rewards, your personal Monthly Delivery order, product samples, or other à la carte Vi products. Vi Points cannot be applied to Promoter Systems or Vi Store purchases.
  • You must select how you wish to apply your Vi Points in order to receive your Kit, NEON case, and/or products. If making a change to your Monthly Delivery order, please make sure to select the correct payment method. Free Kits or NEON will not be sent automatically.
  • Earn Vi Points equivalent to 1/3 of your total Customer Monthly Delivery order volume, up to the amount of your personal order.
  • Program is limited to a maximum of 10 paid Monthly Delivery orders per household shipping address monthly.
  • Vi Points are non-transferable and will be forfeited if a Promoter/Customer cancels their account. Vi Points expire 12 months from the date they are earned.
  • Vi Points will show in ViNet by the 4th of each month for the previous months production.

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