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Creemos que si tenemos más es para dar más. Por eso mismo donamos a familias y comunidades necesitadas mediante el programa Vi Cares. Como nuestra plataforma filantrópica global, Vi Cares reúne promotores, clientes y empleados de Body by Vi para apoyar una gama de programas, eventos y causas que respaldan nuestra misión de transformar la vida, la salud y la prosperidad de la gente. Ya sea que demos alimentos nutritivos, una mano o un momento de esperanza, estamos fomentando una cultura de retribución y devolución de favores, con un fuerte sentido de la responsabilidad social.

Did you know?

Impact of ViCares

Over 5 Million Meals Donated
Hundreds of Charitable Partnerships
Supported Dozens of Disaster Relief Efforts
Guinness World Record for Baked Goods Donation

Donations & Matched Giving

Whenever somebody achieves a 90-Day goal, we’ll donate on his/her behalf 90 days of meals, drinks and snacks to a family in need.

Additionally, through our Matched Giving program, anybody who donates Vi meals to a charitable event or organization, we’ll match their donations – meal for meal, without limit. This means doubling the impact of every donation. Working with hundreds of food banks and youth programs, as well as disaster relief efforts, the Body by Vi Community has already donated more than five million shake meals throughout North America.

Community Outreach

Vi Cares provides a lifeline, connecting those who want to help with those who need it most, while promoting good health and good nutrition through good works in the communities where we live and work. Whether it’s building a school playground in a hurricane damaged area, or volunteering at a local charity toy drive, or hosting our annual World’s Largest Giving Day event, we are always up for the challenge to leave communities better than we found them.

Disaster Relief Efforts

Whether it’s donating meals, or physically helping clean up environments, or assisting in temporary shelters, we’re always looking for ways to actively support disaster relief efforts around the world.


Through partnerships with local churches, national charities, non-profit foundations and volunteer organizations, we’ve been able to expand our social mission and impact on families and communities. In 2015, we partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) to help them reach their goal of 4 billion hours of physical activity and 500 million meals/snacks served by 2018.

Want to support a favorite organization or cause?

Remember, we’ll match meal for meal.

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A proposito di Vi
Vi è un'azienda che si occupa di stili di vita sani ed opera in tutto il mondo. Fondata nel 2005, e conosciuta per lo straordinario e rivoluzionario successo di Body by Vi Challenge, è la prima piattaforma di Challenge marketing del mondo, con sedi in America settentrionale (Los Angeles e Detroit) ed Europa.
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